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Seven Foods you Should not eat When You're Tired

We usually eat to provide energy for the body, but sometimes, we even feel more languid and lack of energy after eating.

According to webMD, foods low in fiber contain additional sugar, not enough nutrients, or the meal has more calories, which can affect the digestive system and overall energy levels.

Here are eight foods that nutritionists recommend you avoid eating when you feel tired.


Although coffee has the effect of waking alertness for some time, it also causes fatigue. So, if you have many hours of work ahead, you should not drink coffee. A cup of tea without sugar or milk, water, fruit fresh or lemon juice are the alternatives.


Processed cheese is high in saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Please avoid all kinds of cheese because they are difficult to digest, requiring more energy and, therefore, this food is not an option when you're too tired.

White sugar

You need to avoid eating ice cream, cakes, or donuts after being tired because these are foods rich in refined sugar or white sugar.

Red meat

Red meat needs more time to be properly digested. Therefore, you should limit your intake of these foods in the evening to not affect your sleep and when you are tired.

Products are not gluten-free

Products containing gluten are often more difficult to digest than other types. Gluten is a protein that is difficult to digest, and it needs a certain amount of high stomach acid. Foods that contain gluten include candy, pastries and cereals.

Carbonated soft drinks

Most types of carbonated drinks that we consume contain very high levels of sugar or aspartame. These two qualities make the body tire quickly and significantly. Just like coffee, they have the effect of promoting fatigue.


Drinking alcohol, especially at night, will cause the digestive process to take place more slowly, causing the body to be even more tired.

Food made from grain

When you feel tired, you should avoid eating white bread, pasta, rice, and foods made from grains. These foods digest slowly and need more energy to digest. 

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