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5 Things You May Be Exposing Your Body To By Eating Fried Foods Such As Plantain, Fish, Meat, etc

In their bid to enhance the taste of their foods, humans over the years have come up with several ways of cooking and spicing up their foods, and it is only fair to say the result has been rather wonderful. One of the several ways man has often used to add value to and enhance the taste of his foods is by frying, a process that simply involves cooking foods and food items in oil. It is a popular means of cooking across the world and many people love how their food tastes when they are fried, which explains why many would fry their fish, plantain, chicken, potatoes, beef, and other food items.

Photo Illustration Of Fried Plantain

However, it is worthy of note that when you indulge too much in the habit of eating fried foods, you may be doing more harm than good to your body, as what you would be doing is getting satisfaction, albeit a temporary one, but harming your body both in the short and long run. So, if you are one of those people who like to fry some of their popular foods and food items, below are some of the things you would be exposing yourself to:

1. Increased Calories Intake/Obesity

When you deep-fry your foods, such foods lose water and instead absorb fat, which invariably significantly increase your calories intake. High calories intake may be especially dangerous for your health as it makes you add weight, leading to obesity.

2. Increased Trans Fats Intake

The consumption of trans fats is linked to an increased risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. When you fry your foods, you would be increasing your intake of trans fats, since many of the oil used in fried foods are often high in trans fats before heating.

3. Increased Risk Of Heart Disease

The consumption of fried foods can also lead to heart disease as its consumption can lead to high blood pressure, low levels of "good" high-density lipoproteins cholesterol and obesity, three main risk factors for heart disease.

4. Diabetes

Consumption of fried foods can also expose you to a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as its consumption, as well as some fast foods, are linked to the development of insulin resistance, which would, in turn, lead to type 2 diabetes.

5. Fried Foods May Contain Harmful Acrylamide

Frying your foods may also inadvertently expose you to acrylamide, a toxic substance that is formed in foods when foods are subjected to high-temperature cooking through frying, roasting or baking. Starchy foods like fried potatoes and baked goods are especially high in acrylamide concentrations.

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Source: Healthline.

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