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Give the following list of food to your daughter during her menstruation period

 Every woman encounters this monthly discharge, which often comes with a lot of pain and discomfort like abdominal cramps, fatigue,nausea, mood swings. Here are a list of food needed to restore nutrient lost during menstruation:

fruits: fruits such as water melon, golden melon and other kinds of fruits rich in water, this performs the same function as drinking water which help stay hydrated but it also help control you glucose level.

Green vegetables: help in the replacement of lost iron in blood during you period, vegetables such as pumpkin and spinach are great to boast iron level.

Ginger: studies shows that ginger effectively reduce nausea, a cup of ginger is enough, and consuming more than four grams in a day can cause heart burn and stomach ache.

Fish and chicken: fish and chicken are rich in iron and protein and fish also contains omega 3 acids, studies have proven that omega 3 help reduce the intensity of the pain, having fish has part of your daily meal will help   reduce your intake of pain reliever drugs. 

Give the above food to your daughter and avoid large intake of salt which can lead to water retention in the body  which could lead to bloating, also avoid coffees and alcoholic drinks as well.  

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