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How to prepare Nigerian ISI EWU (spicy goat head)

ISI EWU is best enjoyed in a cold evening with chilled drinks.This soup prepared with goat head is sometimes confused with Nkwobi soup since the method of preparation is quite similar. Follow these steps to prepare your delicious ISI EWU soup.

Ingredients needed

1. Goat head

2. Utazi leaves

3. Scent leaves

4. Seasoning

5. Onions

6.Palm Oil

7. Potash

8. Salt to taste

9. Water

10. Pepper

Steps to prepare

First step; Scrape the hair off the goat head,roast the hairs off. Scrape properly till all hairs are off.

Second step; Burn the horn and peel it off with the tip of a sharp knife. Wash the head thoroughly with a brush and water.

Third step; Cut the goat head into pieces and remove the brain. Then add water and cook for 40 minutes.

Fourth step; Allow to cool, then remove bones from the goat head and cut the meat into small pieces. Also mash out the brain and pour all into a pot.

Fifth step; Put potash into a bowl,add palm oil inside the bowl and stir until the colour changes into yellow.

Sixth step; Grind the Scent leaves,pepper,shred Utazi leaves and add with the potash mixture into the pot.

Finally, Stir and allow to cook for about 10 minutes before serving with any cold drink of your choice.

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