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Checkout Some Food And Drinks That Can Stain Teeth

Eating and drinking at the same time is something enjoyable especially when the drink is being served chilled.

But do you know the funny thing? There are some food and drink we consume which end up changing the color of our eat slowly.

We must discover the kind of food and drinks that can stain our teeth so that we can limit the intake of such foods and drinks.

if you have a certain food or drink often and it’s causing teeth staining which bothers you, cutting down can be part of the solution.

Here are some of the most common types of food and drink that can stain your teeth.

1. Tea and coffee:

Both Tea and coffee can cause teeth staining because it contains tannins, which cause staining. There is some evidence that upping the milk in your tea or coffee may help to counteract the staining.

2. Red wine:

It’s cool to enjoy a glass of red wine, But unfortunately for our teeth, red wine is one of the most common causes of tooth staining.

3. Cola:

The dark coloring agent of this drink, coupled with the acids which will wear away at your teeth, make cola a definite no for your teeth.

4. Curry:

With its strong, deep coloring it’s no wonder that eating lots of curries can leave behind tell-tale signs on your teeth.

5. Tomato-based sauces:

Tomatoes are a great source of many important nutrients. But the pigment causing their deep red color makes them a key offender for staining.

6. Soy sauces:

It’s a classic addition to any good stir-fry, but the dark coloring of soy may linger on your teeth long after your meal’s finished.

7. Fruit juices:

Dark-colored fruit juices, such as cranberry, blueberry, and grape juices are liable to leave stains on your teeth.

From the list above you guys have seen some food and drinks responsible for teeth staining, I know you all have learned something new today.

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