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6 quick meals you can prepare when you are extremely busy

There are times people are too busy to prepare meals, when this happens, some people may decide to eat junk foods which may not be too ideal for health. Others may decide to buy roadside meals and the likes but joy will fill your heart when you eventually prepare your meals.

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This article will show you some delicious foods you can spare some time to prepare without waisting your precious time.

1. Eba 

Eba is a very easy meal which is fast to prepare, but remember that you should have prepare soup earlier before you can opt for it. All other things been equal, eba can be prepared quickly within few minutes.

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2. Concoction rice

This is another delicious food you can quickly prepare when time is not on your side. You can prepare this food with few ingredients like tomatoes, pepper, fish, salt and other desired condiments, perhaps that is why some people refer to it as 'economy jollof rice'. But notwithstanding, it tastes very nice.

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3. Spaghetti jollof

Just like concoction rice, it takes few minutes to prepare this fantastic meal.

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4. Agidi jollof

You don't need soup or other foods to eat agidi jollof, it is a nice food to taste.

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5. Noodles

If you are a lover of noodles, it is one of the easiest foods you can prepare perhaps that is why many students opt for it.

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6. Egg and plantain frittata

Egg and plantain frittata is the spreading of fried plantains on egg omellete. It is easy and fast to make. 

Photo credit: My diaspora kitchen

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