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If you use gas cooker at home, Take note of these 3 things to save your life while cooking

A lot of Technology development in this generation has made things easy and rapid for humans. Gas cooker is now used by almost every homes in preparing meals in replace of olden days firewood, coal pot, e.t.c. The host of electric cooker, Gas cooker and other modern means of cooking are being used to cook indoor instead of cooking outdoor.

Despite the fact that this method of cooking has come and live to assist food preparation and enhance cooking processes.

However, there are risky effect that may arise with using gas cooker at home. So in case you are the type that uses gas cooker to prepare food at home, kindly take into consideration these three things to avoid disastrous occurrence:

1. Don't take your smartphone to the kitchen while cooking with gas cooker: This is due to the fact your smartphone can get heated through an unaware gas escape, and a circuit may Cut in that may sooner or later cause explosion if not prevented.

2. Keep your Gas cooker far from any flammable material: Materials which can catch fire easily ought to be taken far away from gas cooker. Gas cylinders in our homes have to be kept 20 ft from flammable materials. Also make sure to off the tool that adjust Gas after use.

3. The kitchen where gas cooker is placed should be well ventilated: Gas cookers are produced in a way that suits location wherein air moves freely, because of this your Gas cylinder needed to be utilized in a ventilated area. This is due to the fact that while gas doesn’t burn properly it produces dangerous gases inclusive of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides which might be risky and might harm lives.

What's your take about this, do well to contribute your quota at the comment box below.

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