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The World's Most Expensive Pizza And Why It Costs $12,000

The words most expensive pizza Is Renota Viola is an Italian Master Pizza Chef and Cook, he is popularly know for his Louis XIII Very Expensive Pizza which takes more than 72 hours, 3 days to make and is worth $12,000 which is over 6,000,000 Naira. The pizza has to be booked in 1 week advance, this to enable the chef gather the expensive and hard to find ingredients.

Not only does he make pizza, he also teaches people how to make it, he has taught and trained thousands of pizza chefs from across the world. He has also received numerous awards from pizza making contests in Italy and many other countries.

Why is the Louis XIII Very Expensive Pizza very expensive?

The Louis XIII Very Expensive Pizza may not look very expensive but it is not worth $12,000 dollars for nothing. Rare and very expensive ingredients are used in to make it in more 72 hours, 3 days. The pizza is also served with expensive wines which also adds to the prize tag.

It is made with the following rare and very expensive ingredients.

1. Natural Yeast

2. Australian Pink Salt, Murray River

3. Certified Organic Flour A.I.A.B

4. Three different types of Caviar (Expensive unfertilized fish eggs)

Caviars are firm, large unfertilized fish eggs that are intact. It is very rare and expensive, it is gotten from the sturgeon family of fish. Caviars are seen as a delicacy, it can be eaten raw.

A little amount of caviar is enough to make any dish expensive, the nutritional value and rare nature of the eggs (caviar) makes it very expensive.

Caviar Oscietra Royal Prestige

Caviar Kaspia Oscietra Royal Classic

Beluga Caviar Kaspia

5. Prawns Red Acciaroli Cilento

6. Lobster Palinurus Elephas from Norway

7. CICADA In The Mediterranean ( Squilla mantis )

8. Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII

9. Champagne KRUG CLOS DU MESNIL 1995

10. Organic DOP buffalo mozzarella

Thanks for reading, I would like to leave you with a question. Would you by the Louis XIII pizza, if you had the money.

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