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Why Nigerians Prefer To Consume Rice On Sundays

The consumption of rice on Sundays is an aged long tradition that has come to stay in Nigeria. Though this is not practiced in all homes. Some people especially the Christians either prefer to cook White rice and stew, jollof rice with protein and fried dodo (fried plantain), or fried rice with chicken and salad as the case maybe. Some even go for ofada rice and ofada stew. The reason why Nigerians prefer to eat rice every Sunday cannot be answered in a straight way, the reasons keep unfolding it self every Sunday.

Sundays are special days of the week, after a stress filled week days at work, and Saturday clean up at home, Nigerians see it as needful to grace the day with Rice. Some eat rice while leaving the house to their various worship denominations, some eat the rice as lunch and some consume the rice as dinner because rice is a light food. Most people relax more on Sundays, and so would prefer a bowl of rice.

Rice is easy to prepare, it takes Just few minutes to prepare it. It is not as tedious as it is with other foods like beans or soup and Garri. Rice is also flexible to package to work, and for the kids to take to school the next morning.

Some people consume rice on Sundays because, after church service, some families have visitors. Rice is a ceremonious food, people will always go for rice than other foods while visiting. And so most families prepare rice so that visitors can be comfortable to consume it. People do not often like swallowing Garri and soup in peoples homes, which makes rice a better option. The atmospheric conditions of Sundays seems to be in sync and better bond with cooked rice.

So how did we get here?, we arrived here by a gradual process. The tradition of cooking and consuming rice on Sundays began when rice was seen as a special meal and of a higher expense to prepare. Most homes back then could only afford to prepare foods that they planted like Garri and soup, so when rice was prepared on Sunday it was regarded as a treat.

The consumption of rice is common in Nigeria regardless of religion. If an event should hold, rice must be the number one food on the menu, and its cooked in higher quantity. Otherwise, other recipes brought to the event may not be generally accepted. A lot of people will not eat in such event.

Many Nigerians have right from early times held on to this tradition even till this day without questioning. Even as rice is now very expensive in the country, some Nigerians still cannot do without cooking and consuming rice on Sundays.

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