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Checkout 4 Benefits You Can Get From Eating Beans And Soaking Garri Together

We don't necessarily need to be extremely hungry before we prepare food to eat the fact that food helps to keep hunger at bay is just one of its many functions, eating for hunger satisfaction isn't a bad idea but there are better and more healthy ways to eat, you can decide to start eating to get good nutrients and health benefits, as we grow older there are some foods that we should not eat, for others, we can decide to still consume them but with reduced intake and so on.

The fact that beans and soaking garri is a delicious meal doesn't take its health benefits away, the good health benefits of the individual foods are still given even you combine them. I've heard many comments about soaking garri and it only makes me realize how popular and widely eaten the food is, I've heard people say that soaking garri can make your eyes swollen, some say that soaking garri is a food for students, etc. Are these comments true?

Beans is also talked about as a food that causes people to fart, but come to think of it, don't you feel relieved when you fart, or are you looking for a way to prevent farting after eating beans?

1. It may help prevent farting and intestinal discomfort.

Many studies have linked eating of beans to farting/gassing, and I know it's true because I usually experience farting after eating beans, it might take few hours but it happens to me and if I'm in a public place then farting becomes an issue, intestinal discomfort can also come from eating beans and as the name goes it is a situation that is not comfortable. You might be wondering how garri can help with these issues so I'll explain.

To soak garri you'll need a good amount of water, this water will add to the one you'll drink when eating or after eating, taking in plenty of water after eating beans can help prevent farting and intestinal discomfort as I've read that if you drink plenty water and stay active after eating beans, it will help prevent farting/gassing. Think of a scenario where the water from your soaking garri is plenty and it argument the one you'll drink. (Source:

2. Aids Digestion.

Digestion is very important to humans, if your food isn't digested then how can your body absorb the needed nutrients from them? Well, the food being talked good about is beans and soaking garri, soaking garri is rich in fibers which help with digestion, fibers do their work of facilitating and aiding digestion when its help is needed since beans and garri is eaten as a food combination, this benefit can cover for the whole meal. Just know that the garri is the one with this function. (Source:

3. The combination is filling and satisfying.

Beans and soaking garri can be filling and bring satisfaction if you eat them together, on their own, both garri and beans are filling and can reduce appetite, so together they would do nothing less than that, or have you ever eaten a good amount of beans but still felt hungry? After eating beans I usually feel very satisfied and my stomach is usually tight, same thing goes for garri.

4. The nutrients they both contain.

I won't start listing the nutrients and vitamins that are embedded in beans and garri but you should keep in mind that they have nutrients that are essential to humans, beans is a proteinaceous food and garri is a carbohydrate food that also has starch.

In all that you do and eat, please always be cautious not to eat too much as too much of whatever you're eating can be bad for you.

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