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4 best classes and types of food to incorporate in food timetable

Feeding is one of the necessities of life because it support life. It is important to also eat in the right proportion to enable healthy living. Therefore, it is a good idea if a meal time table is planned. 

A typical example of a food timetable

When planning food time table, it is important to include all classes of foods. Also, there are certain types of food that are very good for the body system so as to improve healthy living. Let us see the food classes and the types of food that are nutritious and healthy for human consumption.

1. Carbohydrates

 This is compulsory when planning meal timetable because it gives support and energy to the body. The best type of food under carbohydrate is grains or cereals. Example include rice, oats, corn etc. It is important to consume a lot of grains for easy digestion.

2. Proteins

Protein is important for growth especially in children. However, plant proteins may be beneficial and good for vegetarians than animal proteins. To plan an healthy time table, it is important to have plant proteins foods as many as possible in it. Examples are beans and soybeans.

3. Fats and oils

It is healthy to eat edible fats that are plant based. Examples are avocado, shea butter and groundnuts.

4. Fruits 

Fruits are important in human diet. It fight against diseases and free radicals of the body system. It also boost immunity. It is advisable for everyone to eat fruits regularly.

In a nutshell, it is important to eat food in the right proportion. It is also a good idea to drink water regularly.

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