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Unhealthy Effects Of Too Much Consumption Of Tea On The Body You Should Know

People adore hot tea because it may be incredibly calming and satisfying to have a cup of it. The health advantages of tea don't stop there; they've also been used to treat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other ailments.

As a result, the numerous advantages of tea consumption are frequently recommended to people. However, some people today have the bad habit of drinking too much tea (more than 3 to 4 cups per day). I'd like to inform you in this post about the risks associated with excessive tea consumption, as per Healthline.

1. When tea is consumed in excess, the caffeine it frequently contains causes an increase in anxiety, stress, and restlessness. Reduce your tea intake when you realize that you're starting to feel nervous and restless.

2. Another negative effect of excessive tea consumption is insomnia. Teas' caffeine content interferes with the hormone melatonin, which instructs the brain when to go to sleep. Too much tea consumption causes poor sleep, which in turn leads to mental problems including memory loss and weariness, among other things.

3. Tea's tannins can give you the flu, especially if you drink too much of it or on an empty stomach. You should limit your tea intake if you notice that it causes you to feel sick or gives you an upset stomach.

4. Excessive tea consumption has yet another negative pregnancy outcome. Women who consume excessive amounts of tea while pregnant run the risk of experiencing issues like miscarriages and low birth weight. Women who are expecting should be careful how much caffeine they consume.

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