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The origin of Chicken as a consumable product for humans

Food culture is the connection, beliefs, and experience we have with food and our food system. It incorporates our cultural heritage and ethnicity, but is not limited to it.

Chickens were domesticated by Asians, first fried by the Scottish and brought to West Africa (yoruba & asante) by Arab traders where it was spiced for the first time in history. Our ancestors preferred Chicken to Guinea fowl because it was easier to raise as they could not fly. With slavery, Africans introduced this delicacy to slave masters and the rest is history.

The Asians chicken was seen as a god, one which could tell it was morning long before the alarm clock was invented. They saw it as the god of the future before it got to the Scottish who saw it as food. They fried it but it was not tasty as no spice was added. 

Chicken was seen initially as food for the poor, so Africans were allowed to raise them as slaves, they only killed it on Sunday. The spices added by Africans enticed the slave masters - which got them interested. The history of fried chicken today is hidden as it wants to be sold as something Africans were introduced to. 

Racism affects our food.

We need to take time to study the origin of food to understand the power within our food. 

Our herbs, vegetables and food are drugs, what we do not have is the dosage.

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