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10 Cooking Hacks That Will Prevent You From Spending The Whole Day In The Kitchen

10 Cooking Hacks That Will Prevent You From Spending The Whole Day In The Kitchen

There are a lot of cooking Hacks that will make your cooking faster and more like a professional. Cooking is more than the little you know as there are many hacks being discovered nowadays. As a housewife, you wouldn't want to spend the whole day in the kitchen because you will have other things to do with your time.

We have researched about different cooking hacks that will reduce your cooking time in the kitchen. Learn these hacks and discover a new taste of your foods. 

1. Use this hack to cook an egg in a perfectly circular shape

Cut an onion ring and Place it in a frying pan. Break your egg and pour it inside the ring. You will make a perfectly circular egg this way because the onion ring will prevent the egg from spreading around the pan.

2. Cook caramel barbecue in Coca-Cola

To make your ribs sweet, boil them in Coca-Cola in advance and grill for 4 minutes while covering each side in caramel as shown in the picture. 

3. Use this simple hack to peel eggs

Before boiling your eggs, use a pin to make a tiny hole in the shell with as shown in the picture. This will make the peeling a lot more easier later.

4. Make your cake perfect

Put the spatula you are using in decorating the cake in hot water for a few seconds before using it on the cake. This will make you create a perfectly-smooth cake. 

5. Cook many eggs at the same time 

If you want to cook many eggs at a time or if you don't have much time to cook eggs, this simple kitchen hack is for you. Put all the eggs in a towel and place them in the oven for 30 minutes. This will make them boil together at the same time. 

6. Add rice to get rid of extra fat

When cooking and you don't want your meal to be full of fat, you can add rice to the bottom of your pot. This is very helpful in removing extra grease while cooking

7. Cutting chicken into thin slices

For easy cutting of meats into thinner slices, place the chicken in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. This will reduce the tension in the meat and make it easier to cut into pieces. 

8. Marinate your meat with coffee grounds

Now, it is possible to use coffee grounds as a marinade for your meat. Coffee grounds contain acids that will make your meat soft, tender, and really tasty. 

9. Cook your meatballs in an oven.

Add meatballs to your soup by cooking them separately in the oven. You can also eat them separately after cooking. You can use a muffin tin to size and flip your meatballs. 

10. Blanching vegetables

Blanching means boiling or steaming of food for 2 to 3 minutes. This is the best method when you want to keep your fresh and soft. Apart from vegetables, you can also blanch onions, broccoli and tomatoes (to peel them easier). 

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