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See The Photos Of The Nigerian Delicacy That A Man Prepared In Celebration Of His Brother's Birthday

Birthdays are usually memorable moments in the life of every individual. There are lots of expectations as one gets older. Expectations could range from gaining admission into a higher institution for school leavers, securing a lucrative job for graduates, getting married as well as raising children as the case may be.

Unlike events such as burials in which the atmosphere is tensed and filled with so much mourning and sadness, birthdays come with so much excitement, fun and merry.

That being said, a Nigerian man had taken to his Facebook page to share photos of the Nigerian delicacy he had prepared for his brother's birthday celebration.

Not only did he share photos of the cuisine, he took him time to specify the meal he had prepared from the post he made.

The Nigerian man, whose Facebook name is Baptist Amah wrote and I quote;

" If you were unlucky to have a nature/caring brother...pray and ask God to compensate you with a son who is caring or who's a lover of nature. "

" Still on the birthday celebration of my brother. This is what I cooked for him and his frns. Enjoy your day kid brother. "

" #JollofRiceWithTilapiaFish. "

" Head chef @Baptist RESTAURANT "

In summary, he ended his sentences by asking God to bless Akwa Ibom State.

A screenshot of the post he had made on his Facebook page can be seen below.

The photos of the Nigerian delicacy he had prepared for his brother's birthday celebration can be seen below.

The link to the post the Nigerian man, Baptist Amah had made on his Facebook page, in which he prepared a delicacy in celebration of his brother's birthday can be seen below.

As can be seen in the photos, the delicacy that was prepared is Jollof Rice and Tilapia Fish. While the Jollof Rice is a source of carbohydrate which provides the body with energy to do work, the fish is a source of protein which is responsible for the repair of worn out tissues as well as the enhancement of growth.

Photos of the meal also shows that the meal contains tomatoes, cucumber as well as other ingredients which makes the meal a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is simply a diet or meal that contains all the six classes of food nutrients in their appropriate proportions or amounts.

What do you think of this meal?

Would you love to have a taste of this yummy meal if given the opportunity?

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