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Knowing These 7 Uses Of Milk Can Save Your Day One Day

Knowing These 7 Uses Of Milk Can Save Your Day One Day

The alternative use of milk may be just what your body, hair and even your everyday tasks are all about.

Entertainment_update find so many proven unconventional milk applications and we know that you would also like to learn about these advantages.

1. Appease the burning eye with milk.

At first it might appear unreal that you pour and flush your eyes with milk, but it can calm an irritated eye. Chili peppers as well as pepper spray are also the 2 most frequent things that can slam your eyes. Both can make you feel brutish, but it can make you sting even more by trying to wash you with water.

Instead, use milk. Wash your face first with milk and close your eyes. You can next flush the milk into your eyes.

2. As fertilizer, use milk

In ancient times, milk was used as fertilizer and there are little good reason. It contributes first to the growth of the plants. Next, it avoids calcium shortcomings and fights powdery mildew. The plant could also avoid getting sick. Place a bottle with milk on the ground (upside-down) so that roots can slowly absorb it. However, remember that milk and other fertilizers should not be mixed. When chemicals are mixed with milk, the benefits of milk can actually be countered.

3. With milk, your hair may be straightened

The use of milk on your hair not only helps it to grow and shine, but also helps to make it straighten. You need a pebble, a sprinkler and 1/3 tablespoon of milk.

Once the bottle is filled, begin to spray, massage, and peel. Give some time for your hair to soak up the milk, then rinse it to avoid a bad smell later. You could do this with wavy hair, but you can't straighten curly hair.

4. With milk, you can paint

Milk is the main component of painting, because it works as a pigment binder. In ancient Egypt, actually, milk paint was used. Lemon, a sieve, cheesecloth and acrylic or dry pigment are the other ingredients that you need to make this type of paint.

Just ensure that it is applied fast so that it doesn't spoil. After it dries out, the sour smell of the walls is gone.

5. Makeup removal using milk

Milk is good for our skin as well as our 

hair. Therefore, use milk in place of chemicals for make-up removal. Apply some milk on your face, after this wipe with a washcloth or a cotton swab. The added advantage is that your skin can be hydrated by protecting moisture by the proteins and fat found in milk.

6. Insect bite inflammation may be reduced with milk

After a mosquito bite the protein in the milk will help calm the skin. Don't use milk, however. Combine it with water, sprinkle a handkerchief and apply to the skin. Sunburns can also use the same milk mixture.

7. Clean leather with milk

Whether your leather handbag, couch or shoes need to be cleaned - milk can help you to remove spots and spots. That is great, not only because it does not remove natural oils from the material but also because it is an inexpensive solution. When you wipe the stained place, however, make sure to remove any milk excess and avoid a damaged smell from this area with a different clothing.

Do you use milk other than cooking for other purposes? What tip do you first want to try?

Content created and supplied by: Entertainment_update (via Opera News )


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