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Photos Of Cakes That Look Like Soap, Toilet Paper, Coconut, Shoe

With the advancement of technology, art and science, a lot of things have been improved. Many things that were not possible or let me say, many things that were not tried in the past had been tried and successful. Cake is one of those things that got its advancement.

In the past, we are only familiar with cakes with square, round, oval, rectangle and triangle shapes. But today, people have been trying and upgrading to meet up with the demand of the society. A lot of people keep trying something new everyday.

Below you will find cakes baked in form of different things like coconut, soap, toilet paper, banana and even more:

Cake Baked in Coconut Form

Cake Baked in Towel Form

Cake Baked in Toilet paper Form

Cake Baked in a Shoe-like Form

Cake Baked in a Soap Form

Flour Vase

Cake Baked in a Pizza Form

Cake Baked in Banana Form

Cake Baked in More Forms

Guys, what do you think about these Cake designs?

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Cake Cakes Shoe Soap Toilet Paper


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