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Don't Die Young: See 7 Foods You Should Start Eating To Increase Your Life Span

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Don't Die Young: See 7 Foods You Should Start Eating To Increase Your Life Span

It is everybody's wish to grow old before they die. Nobody wants to die young. However, as people grow old, their immune system gets weaker, and as a result of this, the body tends to be open to different sicknesses and some diseases. When this eventually happens, the lifespan of that individual reduces.

But there is a good news. The good news is that you can actually strengthen your immune system the more as you grow older, by adding to your diet some specific type of foods, which ensures your longevity.

These foods are very important if you wish to increase your life span, and they will be discussed in this article.

Sweet Potato

Do you know there is an Island in Japan known as Okinawa? This Island as small as it is, contains the largest populations of centenarians (people who live to 100 years) in the world. Believe it or not, research have shown that the sole secret to their longevity is Sweet potato. Sweet potatoes, are rich with vitamin APotassium, and fiber, which helps to strengthen your immune system.

So if you wish to increase your life span, just like the Okinawans, then you should reduce your starch food (rice, bread, cereal) intake, and start including Sweet potatoes to your daily diet. Three to five servings of sweet potato is OK in a week.


Onions, garlic, are way more important than just adding flavor to your meals, they also help to combat some diseases that may pose a threat to the body. They can do this because they contain organosulfur, which aids the body’s detoxification process.

Add more onions and garlic to your daily meals to increase your life span.


Though coffee has it side effects when taken in large quantity, it has a lot of importance to your health when consumed in moderation. Coffee helps to lower the risk of having cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, liver disease and even diabetes.

Remember, too much intake of coffee is dangerous to the body. A cup of coffee daily with a splash of milk and a teaspoon of sugar, is OK.


Hypertension occurs when the blood pressure is too high. It is the major cause of premature deaths around the world. However, high blood pressure can be lowered by consuming Avocado, which contains a very high amount of potassium. Avocado neutralizes the negative effects of too much salt in the body.

Maybe, some of those people that died as a result of hypertension would have been alive today, if they had added Avocado to their diet.


Most people don't like eating mushroom; Probably because they don't know it's importance to their health and how it affects their longevity. Mushrooms are very rich in vitamin D, which helps maintain healthy bones.

The more you eat mushrooms, the more you enjoy it's anti-aging benefits. So, start adding mushrooms to your daily diet today.

Green Tea

Have you ever wondered why there are too many old people in the Asia continent? Green Tea has been the secret behind the longevity of Asians for ages. Green Tea contains nutrients that prevents cancer and heart related diseases.

Green tea has variety of health benefits. Introduce it to your body system today and enjoy these benefits.


Many people consume eggs everyday, but have no idea of how egg affects their longevity. Well, eggs do affects your longevity, but in a positive way. Though eggs have high cholesterol content, it doesn't affect your overall blood cholesterol the same way that saturated fats do.

Research have shown that, people who take one egg per day, has a lesser risk of stroke compared to the people that consumes little or no egg weekly.

However, eggs shouldn't be consumed in large quantity to avoid complications. One egg is OK in a day, or seven eggs in a week.

Millions of people are dying every as a result of one disease or the other. Maybe they would have been alive today if they had consumed the right foods, which would have prevented the disease they died of.

Well you are alive today, and you have the opportunity to start introducing these foods to your diet, before you start aging and your immune system starts getting weaker.

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Stay safe, stay healthy!

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