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Best method to prepare homemade cornflakes

Cornflakes can either be bought in stores or prepared at home. It is more cheaper if it is prepared at home but many people did not know how to make it. Homemade cornflakes tend to be more healthy with the absence of chemicals compared to store bought cornflakes. It is easy to make by following this simple method.


1. Corn flour

2. Roughly blended or coarsed corn flour

3. Sugar

4. Water

Method of production

1. Mix the cornflour and sugar with little water in a bowl. 

2. Mix it thoroughly and pour on the oven tray. Spread it evenly till it form a thin layer

3. Put it in the oven and allow it to dry but not completely dried.

4. When it is almost dried up, sprinkle the coarse corn flour on it and leave in oven to dry up completely.

5. Remove from heat and allow it to cool down, then break it into pieces and store in air tight container. Your delicious corn flakes is ready! It can be eaten with milk in the morning or afternoon depending on the individual.

The conflakes is easy to make, you can surprise family and friends this weekend by making this delicious delicacy for them. Do well to share this with people that may need it and don't forget fo follow this page for more recipes.

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