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Here Is The Easiest Way To Prepare Smooth And Soft Semovita Meal (Swallow)

Semovita is one of the meals enjoyed by a lot of people with their choice soup. It can be eaten with egusi soup, Yoruba soups (Ewedu, Gbegiri) and many others.

Semovita requires expertise in preparing it. It is not a meal you prepare when you are so tired otherwise, it would turn out a wasted energy and time. To prepare a lump-free semovita swallow, follow these simple pattern.

What You Need:

1. A pot.

2. Some water.

3. Semovita flour.

4. A wooden spoon.

5. A cooker.

1. Put some water in the pot and start heating. The quantity of water should be as much that will just be enough for the cooking.

2. In a bowl, dissolve some semovita. Do not make it watery. The mixture should be semi thick.

3. Turn the mixture into the boiling water on the stove.

4. Using the wooden spoon, start stirring at once. Stir continuously until very smooth and partially cooked.

5. Add some dry flour and keep stirring. At this point, you can control the texture. 

If you want it soft, you will only need a little of the flour. If hard, add till you get your preferred texture.

6. After adding some flour and you have mixed well, cover pot and allow to steam for few minutes. 

Stir again and bring down from the stove.

Serve hot with egusi (melon) soup, ewedu soup or any soup of choice.

Content created and supplied by: Chaizoba (via Opera News )

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