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Never consume these 4 foods at night if you plan to have a good night sleep

Sleep is very essential in human life. A research has shown that adequate amount of sleep is good for mental health and the body generally. If you haven’t noticed, the food you eat can affect the amount of sleep you get. So many people suffer from insomnia and if asked they’ll tell you how hard it is to not be able to sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to anxiety and depression, eating healthy is very important and in this article, I’ll tell you four foods you consume that is capable of affecting the amount and quality of sleep you get at night.

4) Spicy Foods:

If you want to sleep on time at night, desist from foods that are spicy, because the acid content in spicy food tends to be very high. Indigestion can be suffered when spicy foods are consumed closed to bed time, do not consume spicy foods in the evening or at night. The acids present in those foods could amplify the acid reflux and laying down at that time, it could result in intense stomach ache and indigestion.


Chocolates have been proven to be beneficial to the body, especially the dark chocolates. But to break the truth to you, the dark chocolates are not advisable to consume if you plan on sleeping well at night, you know why? 

Dark chocolates contains high content and in fact very high content, where the amount of caffeine in just one bar of dark chocolate is equivalent to that in a can of Red Bull (about 80 milligram caffeine content).


So many people tell you consuming alcohol will make you sleep well at night; it is in fact a myth that should not be believed. Alcohol could trigger the body to sleep faster than accepted but, when will never make you have a good and sound sleep. Rather, you may feel other symptoms like headache and dizziness when you wake up. Do not consume alcohol at night, it won’t make you sleep well.


Caffeine is well known by almost everyone in the world to be a stimulant that so many people use to stay awake at work, school, home or any place you feel you need to stay awake and at alert. It’s something you need to stay away from if you plan on getting quality and good sleep at night. Consuming coffee is a great source of caffeine, including some beverages.

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Spicy Foods


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