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4 Healthy Nigerian Breakfast Meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is why you must not miss out of it no matter what. Science has proven time and time again that breakfast helps your brain function in better days. Not eating breakfast before going out could lead to lack of accommodation and reduced concentration during the day. You could also experience low energy and fatigue because your body did not receive the necessary energy to carry you through the day. Here are a few Nigerian breakfast meals that are healthy:

Bread and egg sauce

This is a beautiful combination especially when you're trying to balance your carbohydrate and protein level. Bread is fortified with carbohydrates which when digested provides your body with the necessary energy. Eggs are a rich source of protein, this will help reduce muscle weakness as well as strengthen and heal any weak muscles in your body.

Yam and egg sauce with fried plantains

Plantains are a rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Combining these healthy snack with yam and egg sauce provides your body with the necessary balance required to keep your body together throughout the rest of the day.

Akara/Moi-Moin and Pap

Akara/Moi-Moin are two major protein power houses. Consuming akara/Moi-Moin on a daily basis puts your body at a pedestal where muscle damage is reduced considerably. Combining these two with a carbohydrate like pap would double the nutrient content of the whole meal. This combination is also quite delicious when it's served hot.

Vegetable soup and boiled plantains

Vegetable soup is usually made from all the different green leaves. We already know how particular Nigerians are when it comes to their leafy green vegetables as regards soups. There is hardly ever any Nigerian soup that doesn't come with a touch of vegetables to it. Make good use of your vegetable soup and combine it with some boiled unripe plantain. Unripe plantains provide your body with the necessary iodine and calcium content.

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