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These 9 Foods Would Make Your Kids Grow Taller And Faster in Just Few Months


proteins play the biggest Role in Increasing your Kid's Height, to Aid Growth make sure that they eat an egg everyday ,either by making them yummy omelet or a boiled egg for breakfast every morning is a great way to start their day and get protein content into their body


milk which is filled with a great amount of Calcium content is great for the growth of bones as well as for strength, protein are also well- assimilated to make Delicious dishes that are filled with goodness of milk.this is the best food for kids

3)Soya -Beans

soya beans as they are vegetarian food that is rich in protein ,they improve the growth of bones and muscles. they are several yummy recipes you can create with soyabeans to make your Kids eat this amazing foods 

4)Oat meal

This rich protein super food has low fat content ,it is one of the healthiest food for anybody including kids ,so get your kids to eat it on a regular basis in other to grow taller


carrots are very rich when it comes to Vitamin A content ,these Vitamin A content helps in the synthesis of protein in the body. get your kids to Drink fresh Carrot juice daily or add raw carrots to their Salad


Kids usually love Yoghurt because of its Sweet Taste, but most African parent don't usually get it for their kids because they fear Yoghurt has High sugar content,well the emphasis here are Yoghurts with low Sugar Content. Yoghurt is a fantastic source of Vitamin D and Calcium which are both essential to a child's Growth in terms of Height .if you child do not like Yoghurt or has Yoghurt allergy ,get them to eat cheese and Butter instead as this too is rich in Proteins,Calcium and Vitamin D


Recipes that includes Chicken are always loved by Kids ,it is the meat that is healthy and rich in Protein content.


these helps in a Child Brain Functioning and Development .Giving 2 tea spoon of original Honey to a yeal Child or above , every morning and evening is ideal to Improve a Child intellect and proper Brain Development


Spinach is a Super Veggie that will not only give your kids the strength that they need but also provides them with iron Calcium. These Two Nutrients are most essential to make your Kids Grow taller 

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