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How to make a delicious "gbegiri" soup

Gbegiri soup has different names in different tribes. It is called Obo egwa in Igala language, beans soup in Igbo and the Hausa call it miya wake. Beans soup is the easiest soup to prepare by anyone as it does not really require much from the cook. The process and recipe too are handy.

To prepare beans soup, they are two types. The first type is the one you can add vegetables and bitter leaf and the second is just plain soup without such assortment aside fish and meats.

Beans soup is best enjoyed with Two Shinkafa, Amala, Semovita and Pounded yam. The brown or white beans can be used to prepare it, preferably the type of beans called iron beans. The reasons being that when cooked it becomes softer easily and has better taste.


Beans (your preferable size or amount)

Pepper ( fresh or grounded, fresh taste better)

Fish or meat ( it taste great when you add ponmo)

Cray fish in minimal and preferable amount

Salt to taste

Maggi (your desire number)

Locust bean (optional but gives greater taste and add value to the taste of the soup)

Palm oil (do not over apply)


When preparating the soup, make sure all your ingredients are ready and are in good conditions before starting.

1. Wash the beans. For some they prefer to break the beans into half before washing. This helps to easily soften the beans while cooking but it is not compulsory. You can wash it since most iron beans are easy to remove the chaff.

2. The first dirty water, throw it away. The second one throw it and then maintain the third one. Make sure your hands are neat since you need the third water you used to wash the beans. Have your sieve or basket at handy in order to sieve the chaff away.

3. After you are done washing, use the water in boiling it on the fire. Boil and continuously check to see the progress. When it becomes softer, use your spoon to turn always in order to let it become smoother.

4.some persons prefer blending the beans but that won't give you that sweet and natural taste. Exercise patience and allow the fire to do the work in the pot.

5. When you notice it has become mushy, use your cooking broom to turn and work into the pot. Add salt and your boiled meat, fish and ponmo. Pour into the pot with the sauce since it contains your pepper. That would contrubute to the taste. While it it boiling at your locust bean, salt and maggi.

6. Allow to boil for some few minute and then add palm oil or red oil.

7. Allow to boil and taste to see how much of your salt and maggi is needed. At this rate, you will confirm you have made a wonderful meal looking a smooth and third custard like liquid. Congratulations your gbegiri is ready to be served with any meal. Tuwo, semo or pounded Yam.

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