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OPINION: Beans Consumption Should Be Banned in Nigeria, Here My Reasons.

Everyone is aware that beans is among the most consumed staple food in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Beans being a legume makes it possible for it to be grown in any part of the country. The annual Consumption of beans in Nigeria is up to 200,000 metric tonnes. Upon that Nigeria spends up to 16billion Naira on imported beans.

Apart from the level of Consumption of beans. It has been recorded that Farmers use hazardous pesticides to preserve beans.

I think the cultivation and Consumption of beans should be banned in Nigeria. They make use of Dichlorvos up to 0.03mg to 4.6mg per kg against the standard quantity of 0.01mg. This harmful pesticide causes a lot of diseases to the body including cancer. They do this because, the Agricultural sector that suppose to be inspecting all food products are not efficient in their service. Apart from that most Farmers make use of sniper to preserve our food. These chemicals has contributed significantly to our health issues.

This has contributed to the stagnant growth of the economy because Nigeria has lost up to $750 million dollars to strict regulations in the international market.

This is quite unfair, we complain about food yet when produced are not always pure. Farmers should help save lives by adhering strictly to the rules and regulations guiding our food Consumption.

I think it should be completely banned in the country, so that people will know what they're eating.

A lot of harmful foods are produced, sold and consumed in our country. The Government should end all of this by placing ban on the Consumption of beans.

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