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6 Rare Fruits You May Have Never Heard of But Worth Trying

Apples and bananas are well known fruits. Some have heard of the pomegranate and mango. But there are so many various kinds of fruits to choose from in this world that it's incredible. These fruits are both delicious and good for our health.

Salak: This fruit is also known as snake fruit because of the reddish-brown, scaly texture of its peel. When peeled, it displays three white lobes of fruit that resemble garlic cloves in appearance and texture, but have a sweet and acidic flavor. Salak is a fruit that is grown in Indonesia.

Mangosteen: A fragrant, citrusy, peachy tasting fruit is protected by a thick shell that must be cracked with a knife. This fruit from Asia is so sought after that it comes with a hefty price. The mangosteen went on sale in New York City for a whopping $45 a pound.

Monstera Deliciosa: The monstera deliciosa is a fruit that is native to Central America. It has a scaly exterior that protects a pineapple-like fresh. The monstera deliciosa must ripen for as long as a year before it can be eaten, as it can be very toxic before it is ripe.

Carambola: When cut, the carambola's characteristic ridges form a star shape, which is why it's also known as star fruit. Indonesia and the Philippines are home to this fruit. When fully ripe, the fruit has a bright yellow hue with hints of green, with a crunchy and juicy texture and a tart flavor that has been compared to a mix of apple, grape, pear, and citrus fruits.

Brazil's national fruit is related to cocoa and has a unique aroma that has been described as a cross between chocolate and pineapple by others. Cupuacu's white pulp is hidden under a hard, brown exterior and tastes like a combination of banana, passion fruit, pear, and melon.

Buddha's hand, also known as fingered citron has no pulp or juice, unlike other citrus fruits. Originating in the Himalayan region and eaten throughout East and Southeast Asia. Buddha’s hand has a taste like that of a nonbitter lemon peel and a strong lemon blossom fragrance that makes it popular for zesting and flavoring.

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