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5 Simple ways to make smoothie

Smoothie is a drink made from whole fruit thus thicker than fruit juice. Having a liquid base such as water,fruit juice,milk,yoghurt etc smoothie can also be made using other ingredients such as sweeteners,honey or sugar,crushed ice,chocolate or nutritional supplements.

There are different types of smoothies from mango banana to pawpaw orange,coconut pineapple,chocolate banana etc Smoothie is very easy to make all you just need to do is relax,carefully read and understand the procedures below as every step counts

Method of Preparation 1


Mango,banana and milk/Cold water

Cut the mango and banana chunks into your blender. Pour in the amount of cold water or milk that you want. The amount of liquid you add will depend on how thick or thin you want your smoothie to be. Cover the blender with the lid and then turn it on. Let it blend for about 10-30 seconds or until the blend looks nice and smooth. To check, turn off the blender, and stir the blend with a spoon. Pour into a glass cup and enjoy your delicious smoothie.

Method 2


Orange,banana,honey and carrot.

Cut the orange and squeeze it's juice. Cut the banana and carrot and blend all three till it becomes smooth. You can add honey to give it more taste and make more nutritious. It's advisable you use place your fruits in the freezer before you blend them. Your smoothie is ready. You should always blend the soft before the hard ones

Method 3


Watermelon,Apple,Banana,Soy milk

Cut the watermelon into bits and blend for 15 seconds to release enough water for your hard fruits.

Slice your banana and apple and blend for 15 seconds. Serve with Soy milk as your smoothie is ready.

In making this smoothie,you don't need to add water as your watermelon contains enough water to make the smoothie

Method 4


Pineapple,Banana,Tangerine,Almond,Cold water/Milk

Peel and slice your banana into small chunks. Take out the seed of the tangerine as the seed(s)will change the the of the smoothie if blended or you could just squeeze the tangerine juice.

Put the banana,pineapple,tangerine and almond into the blender. Add water/milk into the blender and blend till it all become smooth and nice.

Pour into a glass cup and enjoy your tasty and delicious smoothie.

Method 5


Banana,Coconut milk,Pineapple,honey

Pour the coconut milk into the blender,add your slice banana and pineapple(a pineapple that you have carefully removed all the rough parts as you don't want them in your smoothie). Blend all for 15 seconds and add honey for taste and more nutrition.

it is very important you store your fruits overnight before you blend so you can enjoy a cold,refreshing,tasty and nutritious smoothie

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