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A Candid Advice To Those Who Use Gas Cyclinder.

Gas cylinders used in cook food is the new technology taking over the use of kerosene stoves and firewood, and according to one of the importance of technology, it has made the preparation of food easier and faster.

It is easy to operate rather than kerosene stove which requires opening and closing or firewood which requires the stressful work of gathering sticks. It can be used anywhere at anytime.

Although the gas cylinders have so many importance to us, it also has bad results when misused, which proves that the adage that says"every good thing has a bad side" is right.

The bad result of the use or mishandling of gas cylinders in the wrong way is the result of gas explosion.

Gas explosion has caused so many disaster and havoc to a lot of people as a result of bad handling.

Haven't you heard of buildings exploding or people been burnt to death as a result of gas explosion?

Below are some reasons for the explosion of gas cylinder and also their preventive measures in order to curb the increase of gas explosion in our country:

1.Shaking of Gas cyclinder: This is one of the dangerous cause of gas explosion as a result of shaking the gas cyclinder to know the exact amount of gas remaining in it. This has caused the lifes of so many people and can be prevented by using a wet cloth to rub on the body of the gas cylinder, you will notice that the part where there is no gas dries up while the part that still has some gas substance remains wet. Practice this method and you will see that there is no need to shake the gas cylinder.

2.Phones near Gas cylinder: This is the major cause of gas explosion, whereby people take their phones near the gas cylinder while preparing a meal. It has caused the lifes of so many people, buildings burnt down to ashes. And it can be prevented by the abstinence of phones in the kitchen or anywhere near to the gas cylinder while it is been used.

If you practice this two amazing and easy preventive measures you don't need to be afraid while using gas cylinder.

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