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Best Kind Egusi Soup You Can Only Get to Eat at a 5-Star Hotel or Restaurant

Best Kind Egusi Soup You Can Only Get to Eat at a 5-Star Hotel or Restaurant 

Egusi (melon) soup is known to be one of the most popular Nigerian soup eaten by almost all of the Nigerian ethnic groups.

The Igbo people make Ofe egusi while the Yoruba make Efo elegusi, which are all of similar ingredients but with slightly different approaches.

In this article I am going to teach you on how to prepare the BEST KIND egusi that you can only get to eat when you visit a 5-star hotel or restaurant.

Ingredients required :

3-4 cups of egusi (melon) 

2KG Assorted meat

2 medium size roasted fish 

2-3 cups of washed bitter leaves

1 cup of ground crayfish 

2 liters of water

300ml of palm oil

Salt to taste 

Pepper to taste 

One medium-sized stock fish head 

20g of Dawdawa (local ingredient)

The above listed ingredients will make a large pot of egusi that will serve a family of 4 people three times. 

Preparation Procedure 

First you have the grind the four cups of your egusi with hand grinding machine or blender (dry one). Add it in a bowl containing a cup of water and stir to make a very thick paste. See image 

If the bitter leaves you bought from the market is a washed one, you should boil it for about 10 minutes this would help reduce the bitter taste more. But if you bought an unwashed one, you should wash and squeeze the bitter leaves properly for several minutes to remove 95% of the bitter taste.

Parboil the meat for about 10 minutes with all the necessary ingredients, then add more water and cook the meat until its about to dry. Add a half cup of sliced onions, 2 seasoning cubes and teaspoon of salt. 

Wash and remove the center bone of your roasted fishes, also wash the stock fish throughly to remove all sand and keep both aside.

How to make Bitterleaf Egusi Soup

Firstly set your fire and placed on your cooking pot, then add 300ml of red oil(palm oil) and heat for about 45 seconds or a minute. Add your prepared egusi paste and keep stirring untill it form a seed-like crumbs. See image below

Add your cooked meat into the cooking pot and stir. 

Add your washed ground crayfish, stockfish, dry fish, ground scotch bonnet pepper, a seasoning cube and 6 cups of water. Cover your cooking pot half way and allow it to boi for the next 10minutes. You should stir every 3 minutes to avoid the soup from burning.

Afrer that, add in your prepared bitter leaves, one spoon of ground dawdawa, salt and pepper for salt.

Allow to boil for the next 10 minutes and keep stirring up every 2 minutes and you just made your delicious pot of egusi soup. 

This is how you can make the BEST KIND egusi soup that you can get to eat only in 5-star restaurants and eateries.

You can serve it with Fufu, Eba or Pounded Yam, in fact any one of the Nigerian swallow will make a great combination.

Content created and supplied by: Moustea_Omar2 (via Opera News )

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