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Chef shows easiest way for mouthwatering baked potatoes

When you talk about versatility and space saving in the kitchen, it doesn’t get any better than a slow cooker. You could just leave the crock pot to do the cooking as you go out to do your errands. When you come home, all that needs to happen is to fill those tummies!

Now even if you’re not exactly the kitchen type with no interest in cooking, it is a skill necessary to survive. Can’t live on fast food and take outs. Well you could but that would be so unhealthy. There are numerous videos online to help you learn.

Invest in a slow cooker!

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This is “The One Pot Chef“. His name is David Chilcott.

An online personality for over a decade now, he has hundreds of thousands of followers with an awesome cooking show that is so easy to follow and learn from.

Here’s a little something from David. Baked potatoes.

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Now let’s begin.

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1.) Take the potatoes. Wash and dry them, removing the rougher skin as you go at it. Take a fork and make light prick marks on each side of each potato. Like literally make small holes with the fork. Gently.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

2.) Brush each side of the potatoes with olive oil then sprinkle some salt on them for seasoning reasons. The salt also helps draw out the moisture from the potato.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

3.) Wrap those spuds with foil. Nice and tight as David demonstrates then put them in the slow cooker. For those of you cooking with a LOW setting, go for 7-8 hours. HIGH settings will take around 4-5 hours.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

4.) Once they’re done, use a fork to check if they’re tender to your liking. Easy and simple, right?

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You can leave them in the pot if you have other errands to take care of, just make sure the lid stays on. Those potatoes will stay warm for hours.

For optional flavors, some people like to use garlic salt, rub some butter or cheese on them, and even chili powder. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Potatoes are so versatile that they can handle whatever you throw at them. Great source of carbs too!

Source: Pexels

Potatoes are low in calories, rich in vitamin C, and many other nutrients.

They have many health benefits and since they are so popular, are cooked and prepared in a variety of ways for people to enjoy. Even the world’s renowned chefs have unbelievable ways of preparing potatoes.

But for us regular, always on the go, busy folk, a slow cooker will do. They can handle potatoes, meats, vegetables, depression… Okay no, but it helps get the mind off things which is good. Plus, good nutritious food certainly helps lift the spirits. Always.

There are so many great ways of cooking potatoes even with a crock pot. Just search online and you’ll find so many recipes. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not make your own recipe?

Nothing to be ashamed of if you’re just starting. Plus you can always follow David on his channel and website if you are unsure. In the meantime, enjoy those baked potatoes!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

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