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The greedy Tortoise and the mango fruits (Fiction)

Story! Story!!

I wander why Tortoise is known of its corny ways in every story. A time came in the land of the animals where Mr Tortoise is king, that famine came.

Every living things were dying and hunger tremendously dealing with the ones alive. The weather and the cloud so sunny, hot and harsh to the body.

All the animals which are still alive work hard to eat because the ground doesn't produce her fat as it was.

A day came, on a sunny Saturday that Mr. Squirrel is jumping toe and fro that he sighted a mango tree filled with ripe mangoes. And he drew nearer to confirm he was not day dreaming.

MR. SQUIRREL: I need one mango fruit" immediately, one mango fruit felt for him and he licked and went his way.

On daily bases, Mr. Squirrel comes under the mango tree to plead for one mango of which he goes home happily with one.

Every thing has been going well Until king Tortoise noticed Mr. Squirrel's sudden changes and he summoned him.

KING: tell me the truth, What are you eating that is keeping you healthy while others cry and suffers for hunger?

MR. SQUIRREL: long live my king. I found a mango tree near the community farm and there I have been eating all days.

King Tortoise had it and asked him to go and show him. As they got there, Mr. Squirrel demanded for a mango fruit and it felt for him. When the king saw what happened, He also demanded for one. After the king licked the first one, He demanded for two at the same time. He still finished and demanded for five.

After he had licked the five finish he demanded for all the mango fruits on the tree. Tim-tim-tim-tim sounds the falling of the whole mango fruits.

Unfortunately for king Tortoise, many of the mango fruits felt on him and killed him.

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