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5 Things You Need To Know About Kola Nuts [Photos and Details]

All you need to know about the kola nuts we chew:

Good day ,so today I would be sharing some tips with you about food and health relatedly, but for now we are being specific on kola nuts alone.

Alright so just before I start,I want to make sure no one is lost in the kola nuts discussion so I would be taking a quick reminder to tell us what the kola nuts are all about.

What is kola but?

Kola nut is a fruit from the kola nut plant/tree that was discovered by our ancient arrivals and fathers of our fathers generation.

The kola nut is seen to be an African traditional fruit given to follow Kings men and other visitors of a man's house ,as his first hospitality and a sign of kola even before a food is prepared.

The kola nuts are bitter and in that case not everyone loves to chew bitter things,but certainly our old men who knows the value wouldn't joke with it.

Have you ever heard of people saying I don't have anything to kola you? Yes it originated from the kola nuts,it was given to visitors who visit our traditional homes, and that was how it got on everyone's lips.

How do I find the kola nuts?

Alright you can find the kola nuts easily around you,people sell them at the market places as well, otherwise on your next visit to your home town (village) you can ask about the kola nut.

Traditional importance of kola nuts?

1: Acceptance ; If a kola nut is being offered to you in a man's house, it is a sign of acceptance traditionally.

2: Life ; There is this saying that says he who brings kola brings life. The kola signifies life and hope for another day.

3: Health benefits; Our father's father's gain joy in eating their kola nuts,as they derive joy and happiness, and also believe that the kola makes them stronger and chases sicknesses away.

4: It is also used to make some medicines.

General importance of kola nuts?

1: It would help you relief your depression for a short period of time.

2: The kola is used to make some breverages like coffee and the rest.

3: The kola nuts helps to kill fatigue slowly .

4: It helps the Nevers cool down a bit.

Is kola nuts also unsave?

1:When kola nuts is chewed in large amount for medicinal purposes, for a long period of time it possibly unsafe.

2: Chewing allot of kola nuts increases the risk of having mouth cancer and gastrointestinal cancer.

3: In addition due to it's caffeine content,large amount can cause; headache, irregular heartbeat and agitation

Photos of the kola nut plants?

The kola nuts come in different sizes and colours but very similar to each other as well

This one is pure purple


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African Kola Kola Nuts


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