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How to cook the Igbo-Ora recipe, Ilasa soup

To begin with, what is ilasa soup? Ilasa soup is a vegetable soup made with okra leaf and some other recipe.

This delicacy is well known in Yoruba Land as Ilasa soup.

 This delicacy is the favorite of the Igbo-ora people at ibarapa in Oyo state, this delicacy is best enjoyed with Amala.

Although this soup might look like an ordinary soup the people of Igbo-ora believed that eating this soup can lead to multiple births. Multiple births in the Sense that one would be able to give birth to twins, triplets e.t.c.

 Is that really true or a superstition? Who knows.

Now, let see how the delicacy is prepared;

The maximum time for cooking the soup is 1 hour, while the method required for cooking is boiling.

These are the ingredients required;

1. Egusi in its powdered form.

2. Potash, also known as Akaun

3. Locust beans (Iru Pete)

4. Okra leaves

5. Smoked Fish

6. Salt and seasoning cube (Maggi)

7. Water, probably from the southwestern part of Nigeria.

Now follow these steps;

1. Clean your fish by washing and separating it.

2. Fill the pot with 4 cups of water and boil. After it might have started boiling, add potash and locust beans.

3. While this is boiling, pluck the okra leaves. Gather them and slice.

4. Add the leaves into the soup pot and use your ewedu broom to mix as if you are preparing ewedu.

5. After this, add the powered egusi and allow to boil for a bit before mixing, else the melon will not be distributed evenly.

6. Then add a cooking spoon of palm oil, add salt and seasoning cubes.

Your soup should draw like ewedu. Put your stew on it and it is ready to be served with amala, eba, or pounded yam.

kindly share your opinion about the soup. Thank you.

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