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10 Ways to Cool Off Your Tongue After Eating Spicy Foods.

Most times after eating spicy food, you tend to drink a lot of water to reduce the burning sensation. It can be so annoying that when you are taking a lot of water the pain worsens without stopping. Some people like spicy food especially the Yoruba tribe. Eating spicy food has become part of them while some people detest spicy food. According to the popular aphorism, every mallam to his kettle. Individual differs in many ways. What you may like another person might not like. In this article, we are going to look at the proper food and drinks to consume to reduce the burning sensation of spicy foods.


1. Chewing something starchy like crackers, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc helps to reduce the burning sensation of spicy foods on your tongue. 

2. Eating a piece of chocolate especially a candy bar helps to cool off your mouth after eating spicy food. It gives a cooling sensation to your taste bud. 

3. Take a glass of milk: Taking a glass of milk after eating spicy food helps in relieving the burning sensation on your tongue effectively. Milk being a protein contains a compound called casein which breaks down the capsaicin responsible for the burning sensation.

4. Take a shot of Alcohol:  This is for those who take alcohol. Please if you are not a fan of alcohol try other methods I listed here. Taking a shot of liquor such as rum, vodka or tequila will help to reduce the burning sensation on your tongue. 

5. Drinking acidic juice: Acidic juices have a neutralizing effect. When you take tomato, orange, or lemon juice after eating spicy food, it will help to neutralize the PH of the spicy food thereby reducing the burning sensation. 

6. Drink a cool glass of ice water: This might not give you the immediate relief you seek at that moment because it increases the burning sensation. This is because Capsaicin ( a natural oil) causing the burning sensation do not mix with water. 

 7. Take a spoon of sugar or honey and sprinkle it on your tongue: The sugar might be in a refined form or natural form. Once you sprinkle the sugar or honey on your tongue, it neutralizes the spicy taste and puts a sweet taste in your mouth. 

8. Swallow some olive Oil: Some people might not like this one because of the taste of the oil. You can hold your nose when taking it to minimize the taste. You take it by pouring little on your tongue. It helps to reduce the burning sensation of spicy food.

9. Eat some full-fat yogurt or sour cream after consuming spicy food to relieve the burning sensation on your tongue. According to a report online, it has been proven that fat and oil in all diary products work well in relieving a burning sensation on the tongue. 

10. Chewing ice blocks can also ease a burning sensation on your tongue.

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