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Learn how to prepare Yoruba Ofada pepper sauce (Ata-Rice)

Ofada rice sauce has a lot of types and varieties and usually, there's a common way it's been prepared. Ofada pepper sauce the Yoruba style is a little bit quite different from other sauce. As a lot of Pepper (Ata dindin- fried pepper) and lots of palm oil is been used.


1. Hot pepper

2. Red bell pepper (popularly known as Tatashe)

3. Palm oil

4. Meats

Red meats, shaki or cow skin could be used

5. Onions, crayfish, and Eggs


1. Combine pepper and onions in a blender. Blend into a coarse texture not smooth.

2. Pour the blended pepper and Drain out the excess liquid to a bowl

3. Boil the eggs separately

4. Wash, season your meat and put on the fire to precook

5. Set a large pot on medium-high heat, heat up half of the oil. Add in your diced onion stir for few minutes and add your pre-cooked meat. Cook until the meat is browned

6.Add in the blended pepper. Cook for 10 minutes 

7. Add your crayfish and seasonings (Maggi and salt) and some water. Cover the pot and leave to cook until oil floats to the top.

8. Decant or skim off any excess oil

9. Don't forget your boil eggs as most people love their eggs soaked up in the pepper sauce.

You can now serve you ofada rice with the deliciously prepared pepper sauce and enjoy.

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Ata Ata-Rice Maggi Ofada Tatashe


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