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Snacks That Are Highly Regarded When Used In An Occasion

Snacks are known as small food packages which can be eaten between meals. In this part of the world, snacks are never regarded in occassions as a main course for the occassion i.e main food for the occassion. It is rather regarded as an appetizer (i.e introduction) before the main course is served.

In an occasion where snacks alone is served, the host of the occasion are less regarded as though, they can not afford to take care of their guest. I want to bring to your notice that, there are snacks that can be served in an occassion and the guest will feel very much honoured than when served a cooked food.

The following are snacks that are well respected in occasions more than cooked food.

Scotched Eggs

This snacks is made of egg coated with sausage and other ingredients. When this snacks is wrapped in saviet and packaged in a takeaway leather with plastic drinks and water. What more will a guest be looking for?

Ingredients Needed:

Hard boiled eggs (4), sausage meat(300g), flour (quarter milk tin), beaten egg(1) bread crumbs(1/2 milk tin), spices(thyme), seasoning(very little) and vegetable oil for frying. Note: if you are making many. Multiply the above measurement times the number of eggs you want to fry.


Melt your sausage meat into paste, add little seasoning and spices. Mix very well and cover each boiled egg completely with sausage meat. Put in the beaten egg and also dip round in the flour and bread crumbs. Set aside and repeat the process for others until you are done with all the eggs. Deep fry till it turns golden brown. Drain out and packaged in saviet paper for your guest.


This snack is very much respected in occasions. It is made of flour and has an inner filling of meat and vegetables.

Ingredients Needed:

Flour (4 milk tins), salt (2 pinches), vegetable oil( 4 tablespoons to mix and enough to fry), water (1 milk tin), vegetables (carrots), minced meat and onions.


Sift the flour into a mixing bowl, add the salt, oil, water and mix into a paste. Keep aside and allow to rest for about 15 minutes while you prepare the filling.

Chop your onions and fry lightly in hot oil, add your washed minced meat, add your shredded carrots, add salt to taste and seasoning. You can also add whatever spices you feel you like. Stir well and remove from the fire. Roll out the pastry thinly and cut into rounds, fold into triangles fill and lock with beaten egg. Fry in hot oil until golden brown and package in small plastic takeaway plates.

Spring roll

This is another beautiful snacks that can make you proud in occasions.

Ingredients Needed:

Flour (2 milk tins), salt(a pinch), oil (2 tablespoons), water(1/2 milk tin), vegetables (carrots, cabbage), onions, minced meat and vegetable oil.


Sift the flour and add salt, water and oil. Mix them together to form a soft paste. Set aside as you prepare the filling. Fry your chopped onions lightly in the oil, add mince meat and the shredded carrots and cabbage. Allow to fry lightly as season it with salt, maggi and other spices of your choice. Mix well and remove from fire and allow to cool. Roll out the pastry thinly and cut into rectangle. Place the filling on the edge of the pastry and roll it up. Fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Swiss Roll

Ingredients Needed:

Eggs (4), sugar (1 milk tin), flour (1 milk tin).


Whisk your eggs and sugar with a balloon whisk in a bowl over a pot of warm water. Continue until the mixture is light, creamy and double in size. Remove from the heat and whisk until cold and thick. Fold in the flour gently and grease a baking tray and lie on it greaseproof paper. Pour in the mixture and bake in a hot oven for about 6 minutes. Turn it out from tray to another sheet of paper sprinkled with sugar. Remove the paper from the Swiss roll and spread jam on the it. Roll it up tightly and cut into your desired sizes.

Note: This snacks will be highly appreciated in birthday parties.

So, if you are having an occasion and do not feel like serving cooked food to your guest. The above mentioned snacks will be very much appreciated by your guest.

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Thank you

Favour Victor

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