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Have You Been Eating Banana And Orange Together? Read Why You Should Stop It

The Tasty Oranges which are part of the world's sweetest fruits contain a lot of nutritional benefits such as supplying minerals, vitamins for the overall well being of our bodies. They are mostly seen in the tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world and this makes them popular in Nigeria.

Bananas known as the most appealing and cultivated fruit in the world. Their nutritional value cannot be compared to other fruits because of the beneficial ingredients that are added to the body.

Yes, these above mentioned fruits are sweet to taste but there are certain combinations that should be strictly taken into consideration. It should be known that fruits have levels which are Acidic, Sub-acidic and Sweet fruits. The Oranges are under the category of the acidic fruits with a PH level of 3.69-4.34), the oranges are citrus loaded and have low PH which proves that they belong to the acidic group. Bananas on their own are in the category of the sweet fruits and this brings up the idea that acidic fruits should not be combined with sweet fruits.

What awaits you if you are still eating the Bananas and Oranges Together?

This is more of a fight between a horse and carriage where the horse tried to let loose but can't. Have you tried eating the both together? Let me know your experiences, I personally couldn't bear it as I had lots of runny stomach. If you want to save yourself from this trouble, please stop it because the acidity of the oranges is much to be compared or matched with the base level of bananas. You would possibly be embarrassed as you may poop on your body and you would agree that such events are to be avoided. This is for the help of all humans and I think this was helpful.

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I will be back with some other food hygiene lessons.

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