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Not until 11:30 pm in the night, I know the disadvantage of using Cooking gas (Fiction)

It is a big belief that everyone believe we are living a modernize life, civilization and using more technologies everyday. Modernization and civilization has taken many old equipment away which many of us believes it's because they are not fast as we want it, but there are some old equipment that are not fast but reliable to use anytime anywhere. Today am telling you the most annoying disadvantage of using Cooking gas, which you also will find it as a big disappointing issue.

Using Cooking gas is everyone belief that it is going to make everything easy and fast during the cooking but am asking you, is it reliable? When am talking about reliable I mean can you use it anytime and any day. Many people who always use cooking gas can testify to this, that cooking gas always get exhausted while cooking which it has not show any signs before. Cooking gas is not like stove which Everytime we want to cook, we can check the kerosene tank to Know how is the level of the kerosene not like cooking gas which everywhere is blocked. Let me just give you my imagination story and let us find something to learn from it.

It was a blessed day, I came back from work at 8:40 which is almost some minutes to 9 0clock, I need to do fast because I was farnished and I need to eat before sleeping. I checked my store to look for fast food but my husband has already eaten it in the afternoon, so I started the preparation to make semo and egusi soup. I light on my gas and everything is okay, I put on the pot for egusi soup and I make the soup on time. So what next is to prepare my semo, I add water to cooking pot and put it on gas, then after some minutes I went to add some little bit if semo in the warmth water, so it can make the semo thick and ok.

I went to the parlor to pick my phone and check some messages and quickly I went back to the kitchen, to my big surprise when I entered the kitchen, seeing the cooking gas with no fire again and I was like what is wrong with this gas cylinder. It was when I wanted to carry it, I noticed there is no gas in the cylinder anymore. I was like, my semo can't get wasted but where at that time can I fill the gas by exactly 9:50 to Ten 0clock. I tired my possible best but all where in vain, even at that time I went to filling station where they sell fuel and others but they said the person in charge of gas doesn't do night shift.

I won't lie to you, I thank God that I have already cooked the soup, and my next option is to get fufu and use it to pack myself and my egusi soup. What I want everyone to learn from this is that, it will be better if you can be checking your gas even if it is by shaking or scaling because it is a big disappointing if it get exhausted in unexpected time.

Content created and supplied by: FancyAdejoke (via Opera News )


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