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Cooking Stew with this Ingredient is Very Unhealthy, Stop Using it

Do you know that there are certain things you should not use in cooking your meals? If no, then this article will be of great value and importance to you. One major supplement we often use for easy and adequate consumption of food in this part of the world is stew.

The most unfortunate situation however is that, most people either as a result of lack of funds or whatever end up cooking their stew with poor ingredients that end up hurting them. When I was growing up, there's this oil that most people use for cooking of meals including stew, people called it Sleeping Groundnut Oil / Groundnut Oil that cakes because it somehow solidifies in cold temperature and becomes usable i.e. oily while in hot temperature.

I was saddened after discovering that most people still use such oil for cooking even at this present time and age but believe me when I say that cooking with that kind of oil only means accumulating more problems for yourself. This is because this Groundnut Oil contains Low Density Lipoprotein; which is the primary cause of cholesterol buildup in the walls of your blood arteries. Each time you make use of this poor quality Groundnut Oil for cooking your stew, you increase your chances of suffering the chronic ailments including;

1. Heart Failure

2. Partial Stroke

3. Full Stroke

4. Brain Related Damages

5. High Blood Pressure.

Bad cholesterol clogs the blood stream and most times obstruct the flow of blood to certain parts of the human brain or even heart resulting to irreparable damages including death. If you are the type of person that either for one reason or the other prefers to cook with this bad Groundnut Oil, then I urge you to stop henceforth. It's better to buy healthy oil from trusted companies than purchasing this local sleeping Groundnut Oil. Health is wealth!

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Groundnut Oil Sleeping Groundnut Oil


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