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How To Cook Banana In 10 Steps.

Banana is a type of fruit that contains many important nutrients and it is among the world's most popular fruit and it is now grown in many warm part of the world.

Eating bananas can help lower blood pressure and may reduce the risk of cancer because it is rich in potassium and high in fibre.

Banana can be eaten in so many other ways other than eating it raw. It can be used to make banana frittata.

Banana frittata is a meal whereby banana is mixed with egg and fried in vegetable oil. It is a meal and that has all the essential nutrients needed by the body (six classes of food or balanced diet). 

Below is a list of how to prepare banana frittata:


Banana (2 bunch for 4 portions).

Eggs (10 eggs).



Vegetable oil.

Salt to taste.

Vegetables like green peas, carrot, green pepper and sweet corn.

Method of preparation:

1.Cut and wash the vegetables and put inside a sieve to drain out the water remaining in them.

2.Remove the banana from its peel and cut in circular shapes or to your desired shape.

3.Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk for about 6-7 minutes.

4.Add the vegetables, pepper, onions and a little salt to taste and whisk for a minute.

5.Add the banana to the mixture and stir until it is properly mixed.

6.Put a frying pan on the fire and pour 5-6 cooking spoon of vegetable oil.

7.Pour the mixture into the already hot oil and allow to fry.

8.Allow it to be golden brown before turning it to the other side.

9.When the mixture (the egg and banana) is now stuck together remove it .

10.Serve hot with any drink of your choice.

Apart from making banana frittata, banana can be used to make nutritious drinks like banana shake, banana and milk shake, banana smoothie and instead of using banana, you can use plantain as a substitute.

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