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10 Different Ways to Cook Nigerian Local Rice

Different ways to cook Nigerian Local Rice. 

 Local Rice is loved by many especially Nutritionist. 

Local rice is known for the great health benefits one can get eating it consistently. 

The rice is not processed or polished, that is why it has so many nutritional value. 

The fact is that many People are use to eating foreign rice mainly because the cooking process is fast and it is sand free. 

However, there are still Nigerian local Rice that are sand free.

There are different brands and products in the Market. 


1) LOCAL WHITE RICE AND STEW - The Local Rice is cooked plain white and eaten with stew of any choice. 

2) PALM OIL OR BANGA LOCAL RICE - Palm oil or banga oil is used to cook this rice which makes it look attractive. 

3) LOCAL FRIED RICE AND SALAD - You can also enjoy your fried rice and salad with local rice.

It's the same process preparing them.

Give it a trial. 

4) VEGETABLE LOCAL RICE - What's your favourite green vegetable?.

Spinach or pumpkin leave?.

Why not give it a trial.

You may also use scent or curry leaves. 

5) COCONUT LOCAL RICE - Coconut is used in cooking this rice. 

Coconut milk is extracted and used in cooking this rice.

6) BEANS WITH LOCAL RICE - Beans and local rice are added together. 

7) EGG SAUCE LOCAL RICE - This is local rice prepared with egg sauce.

This is easy to prepare and it is very delicious.

8) CURRY CHICKEN LOCAL RICE - This rice main ingredient is curry and chicken which is simply irresistible.

9) GARLIC LOCAL RICE - Garlic is famous.

The taste in food is outstanding.

Garlic is known for it's numerous health benefits.

Add garlic to your Menu today.

10) PINEAPPLE LOCAL RICE - Pineapple rice is known for it's very strong and great aroma.

Fresh pineapple juice is extracted from pineapple and cooked with the rice.

Cook Nigerian local Rice in different ways and you'll always want more.

And the list goes on. 

In any way you choose to cook your local rice, you will still enjoy all the health benefits. 

Content created and supplied by: RockstarUfuoma (via Opera News )

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