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Amunu tutu spinach: The multi healing herb.

yoruba name: amúnú tutu or Ẹ̀fó Òyìnbó: Bertalha

Scientific Name: Basella alba L.

The shred is a vegetable from the Basel family, probably originating in India, also known as "Indian spinach" or "different spinach", is a dark green vegetable source of powerful nutrients such as vitamin A, iron, calcium and phosphorus. For this reason, vegetables have become very common in everyday preparations.

Due to its nutritional value, coupled with the rusticity in cultivation, it is an important food resource for the populations of the North and Northeast of Brazil. It is also appreciated in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

In the houses of axé the shred known in Yoruba as "Amúnú Tutu or Ẹ̀fó Òyìnbó" enters the food of the people.

Some benefits of shredding

-Helps fight liver problems

-It's good for the eyesight

-Helps fight free radicals

-Benefits bone health

-Helps fight anemia

-Improves sex life

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