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Here Are 12 Dining Etiquettes You Should Learn

Dining etiquettes are etiquettes we practice while eating, it involves our general behaviour while eating at home, meetings, occassions, parties, eateries etc. How you eat says a lot about your personality and reputation.

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Below are 12 dining etiquettes you should learn:

1. Avoid talking or laughing while food is in your mouth, it may look disgusting to your dining partners.

2. If you eat anything inedible, never spit it on the table. Instead, spit it out on your serviette.

3. Avoid using your mouth to blow hot food, allow the food to cool for few minutes before eating.

4. Never use the table napkin to blow your nose or clean sweat, it is placed on the laps before eating.

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5. Avoid using cutleries to make sounds on the plate while eating, it makes others uncomfortable.

6. Use the appropraite cutleries for each meal and handle them well.

7. To avoid spilling when eating pepper soup, scoop the soup away from you and slide the bottom of the spoon on the rim of the plate.

8. Avoid licking your cutlery while eating, no matter how delicious the food is.

9. Avoid dunking bread into your tea, most people consider it bad table manners.

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10. Avoid chewing foods with your mouth open. Chew foods with your mouth closed.

11. When passing food to others on the table, pass it to the right.

12. Avoid using your smartphone while eating, set it on vibration or mute.

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