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If You Love Yourself Don't Eat These Food Combinations

We are used to eating various foods in combinations. Who wouldn't love to eat bread using butter, eggs, beans or milk or eat cheese using milk or eggs, or eat beans using garri? Virtually no one.

But as good as some food combinations may seem, there are some that pose a risk to the health of the consumer and we are going to discuss some below.

Eating any kind of food we see may pose a risk to our life, no matter how good it may seem. Therefore eating the right kind of food at the right time helps in attaining and maintaining good health.

If You Love Yourself Don't Eat These Food Combinations;

1. Eating fruits during a meal:

Fruits are super foods that are nature's potent sources of essential nutrients, but it's important to know that they cannot be consumed together with main meals.

Fruits hold many benefits, and health experts have even shown how eating fruits and vegetables help to live a healthy diet. And While vegetables can be consumed at anytime, fruits are considered to be eaten at certain times. Do not make the mistake of eating your fruits and taking your meal at the same time.

Why eating fruits during meal is bad;

Fruits are fiber foods which make them quicker to digest when eaten. Therefore consuming fruits with main meals may lead to fermentation of the food which may hamper your digestive system.

According to scientists, fruits are meals itself, they should never be combined with main meals. Fruits are essential to the body and they must be consumed before meals or 30 minutes after meals.

2. Eating Banana's and Milk:

Who wouldn't love to have a banana milkshake? But as delicious as it may seem it is actually dangerous trying to eat this type of combination.

However they have their own benefits, but eating them together is a bad idea.

Why it's bad to eat Banana's and Milk together;

Eating this food combo hinders the digestion process and disturbs your sleeping pattern. It can cause cold, cough, congestions, rashes, vomiting, produces toxins and contributes to heart disease. It is also very bad for people with asthma, as it can create mucus which leads to difficulty in breathing.

Although both of these foods are sweet, it is advised to take milk first and then eat the Banana after 20-30 minutes.

Note: You are advised to visit an health practitioner for more advice and information on food combinations.

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