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I can't stop laughing with these hilarious memes

After going through so many things that makes us sad, we still find out that we could always stay positive, and happy with some jokes and memes.

So let's enjoy some of its:

1. So I met a random guy on Facebook, who was tryna help me to avoid scammers, and he was like; "Bro, the truth is that scammers are really everywhere especially now that things are not balance, but don't worry about them anymore, just send me 10k and I will help you recognize them whenever you see any of them."

2. We know the truth.

3. Me I don't know for my neighbor againooo! Because his pot of egusi got missing, he decided to travel to his village without telling anybody. Me am going to fire 🔥 of mountain 🗻, is not that am the one that carried the sweet egusi soup with 25 pieces of meat cooked with catfish and aboundance oil, I just feel like going to church.

4. Who knows him??

5. I told my ex who is a chemist to give me sleeping pills, and she did, that idiot made me sleep for complete 3 days. My happiness is that there was garri in my house.

6. Do you know this guy??

7. Slayqueen cooking for the first time be like: Okro, put it like that. Meat, don't cut it. Salt, put it again it's not always enough. Don't cut the leaves. Put everything like that.

8. Please don't drink and drive it is dangerous.

9. My uncle finally met her without makeup, and he is now crying for the money he spent, asking for a refund from the lady, it's been a tough day for him. Waking Up multiple times at night just to shout "Amanda give me my money" and went back to bed. Hope he is still normal.

10. The demon taking me because I didn't run fast enough after turning off the lights

Your comments keep me going...... Please tell me the one that made you laugh out loud. You can as well share.

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