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12 Local Foods And Their Correct English Names.

There's nothing more embarrassing than pronouncing or calling the name of a food wrongly, especially of you find yourself in very big restaurant, or perhaps outside the shores of Nigeria. An example of such local foods is the Fried Yam. Please understand that you can call it Fried Yam within your house, friends, family, and maybe your close neighbors, however, when you are in public places, you should not call them these names.

So, these articles contains a compilation of twelve (12) English names of popular local foods that we should learn to look unique in public. Read carefully and learn!

1. Chin-Chin is called Dough Rocks.

2. Moi Moi is called Bean Pie.

3. Fried Yam or Dundun is called Yamarita.

4. Did you know that Kuli Kuli is called Peanut Bars?

5. Fried Potatoes is called Potarita.

6. Ofada rice is called Unpolished rice.

7. Zobo is called the hibiscus tea.

8. Okro is called Lady's finger.

9. Kpof Kpof is called Energy buns.

10. Akamu or Ogi is called Corn flakes.

11. Akara is called bean pie.

12. Boli is known as Barbecued Plantain.

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