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Who says Ogbono soup can't be spicy- Try this spicy method of preparing Ogbono soup

Who says Ogbono soup can't be spicy- Try this spicy method of preparing Ogbono soup.

Are you tired of the normal Ogbono soup and you want to try something spicy, and unique then worry no more because Newsreporter is here to give you that recipe that you need.

This Ogbono soup is different than the normal Ogbono soup, due to the spicy ingredients that is used in preparing it.

So let's get started on the preparation process.

Ingredients You Need

Grinded Ogbono Seeds

Grinded Dry Pepper

Red Palm Oil

Iru, Dawadawa or Locust Beans

Fresh Ice Fish

Dry or Smoked Fish

Any Meat of Your Choice (Optional)

Uziza leaves

Dry Prawns or Crayfish (Optional)

Dry Nylon Fish (this fish is optional but you can get it for 100 to 200 naira in the market)

Seasoning Cubes and Salt to Taste

The Preparation Process

Step One

Steam your meat for few minutes, then seperate the meat from the stock then wash your fish and slice the Uziza leaves.

Step Two

Pour another pot on fire and pour some water into it then pour the grinded ogbono seeds into a stainless bowl, pour enough oil to cover the Ogbono then put the bowl into the pot that is on fire, and start stirring till the Ogbono met and dissolve into the oil.

Step Three

Remove the melted Ogbono from the pot on fire, and throw the hot water in the pot away then pour in the meat stock and put it on fire.

Step 4

Pour another oil into the meat stock and add pepper to taste

Step 5

Now pour in the melted Ogbono seeds into the meat stock and stir, to ensure that the Ogbono dissolve into the meat stock. If the meat stock is much don't use all of it so as not to end up with a watery soup.

Step 5

Allow the Ogbono to boil for 20 minutes, and pour in your meat then add your fresh and dry fish

Step 6

Add your grinded iru or dawadawa, seasoning cubes and salt to taste then stir the soup, and allow it to boil on medium heat for another thirty minutes. Please don't cover the pot as soon as you add the Ogbono.

Step Seven

Add your shredded Uziza leaves and allow the soup to boil for another five minutes, and your spicy Ogbono soup is ready.

You can enjoy your Ogbono soup with any swallow of your choice.

This soup is very spicy and you will surely love it.

What do you think of this spicy Ogbono soup? Do you think you can give it a try?

Please drop a comment telling us your opinion using the comment section.

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