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How To Make Simple Green Juice For Body Cleansing, Immune Boosting and Other Benefits


No matter how careful you think you are, your body is constantly exposed to toxins (Harmful substances in the body). They can be found in drinking waters, foods, the air we breath and so on.... All these toxins damages our livers and kidney but this green juice helps the liver to be efficient at getting toxins out of our body.

Green juices or smoothies are combination s of fresh vegetables and fruits but the fruits are optional. The fruits adds more nutrients to the juice, sweetens it and makes it more refreshing. Drink this juice often and U'll testify. Before we proceed to the making, here are some of the Health Benefits of Green Juice ;

1. It strengthens your Immune system

3. It improves the Skin

4. It enhances detoxification

5. It helps in weight management

6. It is a wonderful blood tonic

7. It aids bowel movement

8. It improves digestion and so on...


1. 3 hand full of fluted pumpkin (Ugu)/spinach/kale/Green or any leafy vegetable.

2. 2 medium sized carrots

3. 1 apple

4. 1 teaspoon ginger(optional)

5. water (just enough)


* Wash and peel the skin of the carrots. Wash the vegetables and apple and cut them into blendable sizes.

* Pour them into a blender, add ginger (if using) add the water and blend together.

* pour into a tiny hole seive, press hard to get as much as possible. Pour the juice into a tall glass and it's ready.

* Dink a glass first thing in the morning for best result.

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