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Opinion: The Good And Bad Side Of The Pot Capable Of Cooking Two Separate Meals At Once

The picture of a man who invented a pot that can be used to cook two different meals at a time was circulated on social media recently, and many people applauded the idea. In fact, seeing something like this makes me believe that Africa has a lot to offer, all we need is support and encouragement.

The unnamed inventor probably realised how wasteful it is to cook just one meal using one pot when you could actually use one pot to cook two meals at the same time. When innovations like this become public, it is always good to discuss their advantages and flaws. Yes, everything in life has its flaws.

The good side.

This pot, according to the story gathered, can be used to cook two meals at once. This literally means that there will be conservation of energy and management of the money used in buying cooking gas or any other material used for cooking. People do not have to spend more because the pot can get cooking done faster. Technically, this is the only good side of the invention I can think of.

The bad side.

Someone has to be very selective when it comes to the types of meals you want to cook at the same time. For example, it is not possible for someone to cook Afang soup and white rice together. The problem with this combination is that the steam from the soup can escape into the rice and makes it look unattractive.

Another bad side of this innovation that should not be overlooked is the possibility of one meal getting done before the second meal. Science made us to realise that substances have different boiling, freezing and melting points. In the same way, foods have different points at which they get done and should be taken away from the fire to avoid burning the food. So, if the Afang soup gets done before the rice, do you have to start removing the soup from the pot so that the rice can get done too?

What is your thought about this? Leave a comment below.

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