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If you are going BALD, stop doing these five things.

Men and women dislike going Bald especially at an early age. It lowers ones self-esteem in the presence of peers who still have their hairline intact.

The hair on the head gives off some radiance of its own especially if properly groomed. Receding hairline line is a worry to most men.

Below are a few things one can do to slow down baldness.

1. Quit smoking. If you smoke, there is a strong possibility that you can go Bald earlier than usual. Scientifically, smoking has been connected with ageing and greying.

2. Reduce stress. Being stressed places a lot of strain on the body and causes the hair to grey easily or fall off. Finding time to relax and ease off is a great remedy to baldness as it can help slow it down.

3. Scalp massage. The Japanese have discovered that spending 4 minutes to massage the hair stimulates hair follicles and encourages extended growth. Spend time to massage your hair as you groom it daily.

4. Adequate diet. For a diet to be adequate, it has to contain the six classes of food in the right proportion. Making sure that meals contain vitamins and minerals can be a lot of help to a struggling hair line.

5. Stop shaving the front of the hair. This can help slow down the pace of balding. Experienced Barberers advice against continous shaving of the hair front.

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